• He/She must be a member in good standing of a Local Union affiliated with the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association.
  • He/She shall establish an office with address and phone, so he/she may be contacted during working hours. Regular work hours shall be a minimum of forty (40) hours per week.
  • He/She shall receive 45 hours per week in wages and benefits comparable to what they would receive in their home local at foreman’s pay. Benefits are to be paid as stated in Local Agreement. The organizer will be entitled to receive the U.A. Officers Pension.
  • Wages shall be paid on a basis of fifty-two (52) weeks per year, allowing two (2) weeks of paid vacation per year. Vacation periods beyond the two (2) weeks will be unpaid and shall be approved by the Employer. Wages shall be paid for each week worked that employee does not qualify for loss-of-time payments from Health Insurance or disability from Social Security.
  • In cases of absence due to ill health, six (6) months or less, employee shall be allowed to return to the job. In cases of absence of six (6) months or longer, Employer shall have the right to fill the position with a new employee.
  • Organizers will be supplied a vehicle decided by the Executive Board of the Minnesota Pipe Trades Assn. He/She shall also have the use of a Credit Card to cover approved expenses for self. Expenses which cannot be paid by Credit Card shall be submitted on vouchers as required by Employer.


  • The intent of the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association is to organize non-signatory contractors and non-union employees of our crafts. The organizer’s duties may include any activities supportive of this goal. The duties below are by way of example, rather than limitation.
  • Each year, each organizer on grant shall develop a strategic plan in their area and present it to the U.A. International Representative before presenting to local union Business Managers.
  • Assignments and goals for the organizer will be determined by the Lead Organizer of the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association in consultation with U.A International Representative and local unions affiliated with the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association.
  • Travel is required to organize in respective areas, attend state and regional contractor blitzes and training seminars mandated by the United Association.
  • The organizer’s duties shall include:
    a) Making presentations to local membership meetings regarding organizational tactics.
    b) Working with local unions to establish and train organizing committees in each local union.
    c) Contacting non-union contractors and non-union employees to promote union affiliation.
    d) Compiling and disseminating information which can be helpful to local unions in organizing efforts.
    e) Assisting local unions in internal organizing efforts to strengthen our membership and commitment.
    f) Filing monthly reports to the Minnesota Pipe Trades Association Executive Board regarding the activities during the month.
    g) Promote the plumbing, pipefitting and sprinklerfitting industry throughout the State of Minnesota.